Thursday, July 24, 2008

Enjoying his birthday lunch

Joel's Birthdy and Gotcha Day

Well Dear Son, Always forever in your life your birthday and your Gotcha day will be simultaenou, you will never be able to celebrate one without the other. We wanted this to be your special day and so we made it a very special weekend just for you. We started off with Dad taking Friday off to be with us and we went to Orlando to your favorite store the Chinese Food Market where you enjoy speaking Chinese to the elderly Chinese man there and of course Mom forgot to take you picture with him although I did get a couple of pictures of you in the Chinese Market. You then got to ride Star on Saturday morning and rather than go to a Disney Theme park you wanted all your friends (and you sweet boy have adults as your friends) over for Mom to cook a Chinese meal and that is what we did. We sure had a house full and I wouldn't change a thing. My life has been so blessed having you here and Dad and I can't remember when we have laughed so much. Why just the other day you made us laugh so much you brought tears to our eyes and my stomach began to hurt, with your story of being a snow boy. I'm sorry but I just have to repeat it here. Don't worry Hope get's her turn soon enough.

So Quantam Leap is back on reruns on TV, which is a favorite of Dad's, now a favorite of Joel's. Joel and John were watching it on TV and of course Joel is always confused by the leaps and why the character is jumping into someone elses body and why we see him on the TV as the same person but the people around him see him as someone else and why is he doing it. I go through the explanations each time. John sits and puts a stop as I explain each time. This time we are both laughing or should say trying not to laugh hysteriaclly.

The man leaps and becomes a pregnant woman. Joel says "Mom he leaped into a really fat tummy lady" why? I said honey she's not fat, she has a baby in her tummy. He said Mom, I'm sick. Why does she have a baby in her tummy? I said all babies come from their Mommies tummies? I said you and Hope came from your birth mommy's tummy as well. I DID NOT. I said yes honey, all people are born that way, that is the way God made us to be born. Not me, I came from the snow in a train station............... Don't you love it.

I love you my son, my funny one.

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th 2008

Not only was it my birthday, but we celebrated by being in the Melbourne 4th of July Parade. It was difficult explaining to Joel why America also celebrates their birthday when I do, but I just figure that as he learns American History he will eventually understand. By the way not only where we in the parade we were in a horse drawn carriage.

I have been emailing a lady in Melbourne since 2005/6 she has followed my journey to China when we left for Hope and then Joel. She was driving down the street and noticed me, strange, huh. I was standing beside the carriage at the park. She hollered at me from the car and I ran over and hugged her, she jumped out and we talked for a long time. Her and her husband Mike are also adopting from China. We have never met, but have been in contact for the past few years. It is such a small world and I was thrilled to finally meet her.

The kids just loved it and later in the evening we went to the old air strip and let the kids play around in the inflatables and see the antique airplanes and helicopters and watch the fireworks. Joel's one complaint was that in China he gets to do the fireworks not just see them. I said here son you see them not play with them. Hope was so loud with all her oooo's and auh's that she had everyone laughing around her. She loved it. Well, just take a look and see.

Vacation Time

Many of you don't know that the credit of this beautiful blog actually goes to my daughter Dawn Clark. I have for the past several months kept saying I need to get a blog up and finally she said Mom, I'm tired of waiting I'm going to do it for you and as you can tell I haven't even kept it up well.

So, I thought I might as well start with our vacation. We took 4 days and 3 nights and went to Flagler Beach and just didn't do anything but get up in the mornings eat a bowl of cereal and walk over to the beach, come back have a sandwich and jump into the pool, cook something simple for dinner in the room or bring something in. We spent time playing games at night and just enjoying being together as a family. I can tell you it just wasn't enough time for me, I was hooked on relaxing.

John still had a few days left before he had to go back to work and our grandson Aaron was turning 1 year old so we included a few photos of his birthday party along with our vacation. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them.