Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hope & Joel's Florida Readoption

Yesterday was the court date to readopt our children and give them official Florida birth certificates, it was not necessary for Hope she has a certificate of citizenship, however if she ever needs a birthcertificate she only has one from China and this could cause her problems in the future for college etc. So we felt since we were required to readopt Joel (due to that I traveled alone and required by Homeland Security) that we might as well give Hope a FL birth certificate while we were at it).

During this video you will see one of the things we did to celebrate yesterday was take the kids to Horse Sisters. It is for riders with Disabilites we tried another and just was not pleased with the uncleanliness of the farm and the disorganization and then one thing led to another with money and my getting sick. More than likely though it was just God's timing. Because on Mother's day coming out of Dixie Crossroads from eating lunch with Dawn and Dale and the Clan we saw Horse Sisters and they invited us to come out to the farm for a visit and we thought what better day than yesterday.

They have over 11 deaf children and they sign. One of the girls is 7 years old and goes in next Tuesday for a cochlear implant, she rides on Thursdays. It is truly the place we know that Hope is suppose to be. They told us not to worry about money, they will make it happen for our children, they want the children to receive and if that is what is holding them back do not worry about it. We spent 2 1/2 hours there with the kids getting the horses from the pasture, grooming them, putting the saddles on them, leading them to the riding arena and then riding them. They were just wonderfu.

You will see we have a solo photo of Joel, but we didn't get the camera in time to take the solo picture of Hope on the horse. She actual sat on the horse for an hour by herself and then road it into the arena and around it.

She is so excited. The instructor has decided by seeing Hope with the horses that she will indeed be a great horseman one day.

Hope that you enjoy our little video clip. Blessings, Pat