Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Holy Land Experience

Words just cannot describe this experience. We went with our congregation on a chartered bus and it was about a 3 hour trip. Bus, was old and miserable, the company was just fabulous. We broke into three groups when we arrived since there was close to 90 of us including children. The first thing we did was take the children to the children's section so they could play, make bracelets and enjoy just running around after a long bus ride. We then went and saw the Passion Play. For one of our homeschool lessons during Easter we studied the Passion of Christ so Hope and Joel knew the story and yet seeing it enacted and dramatized was extremely emotional. Joel, looked away at the flogging, the blood was so real and the sounds of the cat of nine tails and the hammering of the cross. Hope cried softly and I held her and we talked and I reminded her that this was for our sins and that we celebrate Easter and that in just a little while Jesus would rise. The ressurection was magnificant and Hope shouted with Joy and Joel was thrilled. We saw the Old Tabernacle and the kids were enthralled with everything, they so enjoyed the Holy Land Experience and can't wait to go back. However, on our way out of the park we had about 45 minutes to ourselves and we got stuck behind the taped line as they were finishing with the last Passion Play of the day. Hope recognized it and began to absolutely bawl, heavy sobs and the cast members standing there told her that just wait the best was to come. Didn't matter all she could say was "They are killing my Jesus twice, they just can't kill him again, it's not fair". I pulled her haid on my shoulder and we prayed. Oh, how that child loves her Jesus. Every since we have come home she tells Him everyday how much she loves Him. I would not have traded this beautiful experience in our lives for anything. It truly was a HOLY Experience.

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Dawn said...

We can't wait to experience this when we have time to take a family vacation in Florida.