Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It is just that time again for me to sit down and write something about my wonderfully beautiful children. I so wish, that I was one of those Mother's that sat down each day and journaled about the life of my children, I adore them and each day they are more amazing than the day before and yet life goes by us so quickly and I find myself letting it slip by and not blogging a thing about it.

On February 6th John and Hope had their first real date night, it was a Father~Daughter dance at Hope's school. Hope was so excited that her Daddy bought her a flower and away they went together. As you can see from the video below.

This child of my heart has changed so much, she is maturing, she is fun, she is loving. You cannot come in contact with her and not walk away a different person.

I know the song that was written on this video was for a special girl and yet aren't all of our girls very special daughters and as I think about it, we are all Special daughters to the Father.

We are "Daughters of the King."